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Politics on the Breadline

Quietly quietly, the Occupy movement has slipped out of the news. their website(s) continue to grow in professionalism, and judging by the expansive timetable, they are trying hard to get a coherent message to put in the papers and persuade politicians. Many supporters of the Occupy movement, the key issue is one of tax avoidance

Social Detriment on Investment

Anyone with an interest in public policy will come across Social Return on Investment (SROI). This is the measure through which investment by this date can be measured as to what they have prevented happening in the future. For example, with Cameron’s 150,000 problem families, by investing in them now they can prevent generations of

The Pretenders of #Occupy

All the sympathy I had for the Occupy movement dissipated the moment they started to occupy buildings. Not only are the current wave of protesters behaving in a sanctimonious manner, they also lack an appreciation of the difference between crime against the person in crime against property and an understanding of value in the consumer-based