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Save Money And Train Your Staff To Handle Day To Day SEO

When the economy suffers a downturn, the only option for most businesses is to look at areas where they can trim costs. For many, one area they start with is their online presence and the cost of third-party SEO programs. This is really a counter productive measure since the internet is growing at such a

Is Mobile Search Like Traditional SEO?

If you’ve been wondering what it’s like to optimize your website for search engines on a mobile device, it’s a lot like optimizing your website for traditional search. There are some subtle differences, but it’s mostly the same. For one thing, keywords and links are still the rule. You are probably better off building a

Verify Your Site And Take Advantage Of Search Engine Analytics

It seems strange to me that, given the amount of time and work we put into search engine optimisation, we don’t use the resources of those search engines to see how they see us. Each search engine offers analytics data that has been collected. Making use of the information that search engines can collect in

Blogging Can Give Your Business A Boost – Until You Get Hacked

We have often proclaimed the benefits of blogging on our humble blog. We have also written numerous posts on keeping your blog software up-to-date. If you are running a WordPress blog, these last couple of days have made this all the more important. There is what I have seen described as a ‘worm’ wandering through

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